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The Most Experienced Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Handler in Seattle is Now Independent!

The Northwest’s K9 Bed Bug Detection Authority

Seattle’s Best Pest Detection is the right place to call for effective, independent and honest bed bug detection in the Seattle market and Washington State. What makes us the best is experience and education. Tony Haigh has certifications from Florida Canine, Falco K9, Rocksolid K9 and Puget Sound Detection dogs. Continuously certified and working full time in detection since 2009, Tony Haigh has worked with several Master Trainers and several bed bug dogs giving him a broad base of training and education in the art of bed bug scent detection. The National Pest Management Association / Best Practices manual suggests ONLY using a dog that is currently certified by a third party evaluator, and has proof of certification. Tony Haigh and Piper know how to work closely together to quickly locate any areas that have been infested by bed bugs .Once we have helped you determine the presence of your bed bug problem, you can choose appropriate pest control in Seattle to get rid of your bed bugs.

As a Fully Trained and Experienced Bed Bug Canine 

Piper is able to sniff out bed bugs that humans would never find. Our bed bug detection service is not only thorough; it’s very fast and effective. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection is an independent detection company.  We are free from the profits of pest control and sell no other goods or services. Because we don’t handle extermination or pest control, you can rest assured that our findings are totally unbiased and honest. Please visit our Media/Video page to see footage of Piper in action…Be sure to watch the video till the end! Give us a call to meet Piper in person. Set up your appointment today with the Seattle bed bug dog authority!

Tony & Piper are now re-certified for 2015-2016


Tony Haigh handler bed bug k9 in Seattle

Tony Haigh 

Tony Haigh is now in his 6th year along with 8 annual certifications in canine detection....   Read More

Seattle is now ranked #13 in the nation for bed bug calls!

It’s not difficult to come in contact with bed bugs these days. The National Pest Management Association’s figures state that 1 in 5 people have either dealt with an infestation or know someone who has. Some of the more recent reasons for the resurgence of bed bugs are international travel, population density, resistance to pesticides, less effective pesticides, and transfer of used goods, not to mention expensive pest control. 3 out of every 10 people never develop the itchy reaction to bed bug bites, so they may not even know they have a problem! Just one of these folks in an apartment building or other shared wall situation can spell trouble for neighbors.  Our bed bug canine can provide you accurate results giving you piece of mind and protecting your bottom line.

We Provide Detection Only!

  • Only an independent, third party bed bug inspector can give you completely unbiased results.

  • We sell no other goods or services, we don’t profit from detection of bed bugs. We only provide inspections.

  • Tony and Piper can provide you with immediate results. If we have a positive detection and verification of bed bug infestation, we can share our experience on a variety of treatment options and what may be suitable for you. We can also recommend experienced and licensed pest control operators in Seattle with a proven track record of success. We can leave you the findings or share them directly with the pest control operator of your choice.

  • We provide onsite invoicing, no mystery bills in the mail!

Our focus

Is to help private home owners, businesses, property management and other agencies with the highest quality and reliable bed bug inspections and detection. You won’t have to look far to find facilities we have helped in locating infestations and measuring bed bug eradication results. We are committed to reaching a 100 % satisfaction rate with all of our clients. If you have any questions about our services, training, certifications or Piper the bed bug dog. Please call us at anytime. We would love to provide you with the answers you are looking for and explain the processes of bed bug detection and our services.

-Tony and Piper Thank You!!!


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